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24 Abr 2015

European Youth Work Convention 2015, Brussels (Belgium) | 27-30 April 2015

Youth work is a broad term covering a large scope of activities of a social, cultural, educational or political nature both by, with and for young people. Increasingly, such activities also include sport and services for young people. Youth work belongs to the area of ‘out-of-school’ education, as well as specific leisure time activities managed by professional or voluntary youth workers and youth leaders and is based on non-formal learning processes and on voluntary participation. (Council Resolution of 27 November 2009 on a renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018))


The European Youth Work Convention 2015 is one of the flagship initiatives of the Belgian Chairmanship of the Council of Europe. It will look at developments in youth work policy and practice since the 1st Convention, which took place in Ghent in 2010 in the framework of the Belgian EU Presidency. (READ MORE)


The Convention will bring together over 400 policymakers, researchers and practitioners to debate challenges facing youth work at local, national and European level. The Convention will culminate in a Declaration that will aim at giving a new impetus to youth work policy in Europe.(READ MORE)


Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the European Union!

Rue Bara / Barastraat 175
1070 Brussels

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